Town Residential Continues to Grow

When it comes to luxury real estate, Town Residential is at the top of its game. They have been in business for over five years and the CEO, Andrew Heiberger, has put together an impressive team to meet any clients needs. His expansive team has a vast knowledge of the market and all it entails and they have the experience to back it up.


With the success that Town Residential has been experiencing, they have been growing as well. They will be opening a new office in the meat-packing district of Manhattan in New York City. Once this new office opens, this will be the 10th that has been opened in Manhattan in just the past three years.


This new office will bring a lot of advantages with it. The location is the best part. Being in the meat-packing district, the new office will have easy access to all of the residential neighborhoods nearby. This allows for the agents and the clients to meet up quickly and to see all that is available in the area.


The area that the new office will be in will take up the entire second floor of the building. The office will have 7100 square feet available to meet all of the needs of the office. The ceilings will be 16 feet high and will give a great open feel. There will be a private roof deck that can be used for many purposes. The design of the office will cater to all involved in the real estate game. Buyers can come in and work with their agents. Brokers can come in and work with the clients to seal the deal. The overall feel of the office will be a positive one.


Also making a move with Town Residential will be Thomas & Ingram. They are a brokerage firm and will work with Town Residential on many real estate deals. Thomas & Ingram will also be moving to the meat-packing district so they will be close by and their working relationship will only grow.


The luxury real estate market in New York City is a competitive market but Town Residential has flown high above the rest to establish themselves as the premier real estate firm. Their move will only expand their market and they will continue to grow.

Tyrants Targeted By Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halvorssen

The Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has spent much of his time in recent years focusing on establishing and growing the Oslo Freedom Forum that has become one of the best options in the world for activists to enjoy.

Halvorssen has long been an important individual for other members of the human rights activism community who have been enjoying the success he has achieved in freeing political prisoners from across the globe; Halvorssen has created a small, but effective group at the Human Rights Foundation who work together to keep the people of the world free from oppression and tyranny.

According to The Atlantic and Forbes, Thor Halvorssen has often been misunderstood in his motives for seeking to develop an increased level of participation in human rights issues for people of all backgrounds. The accusation of conservatism in his political beliefs is something Halvorssen rejects as he describes himself as a classical liberal in his views, but also states he has little to no interest in the politics of daily life that many see as his natural calling.

A move into politics would seem to be a normal path for Thor Halvorssen as he is the latest generation of one of the most famous political families in both Venezuela and Norway; both parents of Halvorssen have been targeted by government agents in Venezuela because of their politcal beliefs, in the case of his father this was despite the fact he was protected by diplomatic immunity because of his role as the Venezuelan drug czar.

Thor Halvorssen has quickly become one of the most important members of the human rights activism community because of his ability to take the message of human rights protection to people around the world of any political persuasion Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

. Among the news outlets Halvorssen has taken the message to is the Fox Business Channel where he discussed socialism in general and in relation to the U.S. Presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders.

The ability to discuss politics and human rights abuses in a way that captures the imagination of viewers and readers has won Thor Halvorssen a number of awards, including a prestigious award for protecting student free speech from his former college of the University of Pennsylvania.

Discover How To Get The Health Coverage That You Need For A Moderate Budget

Managed health care is growing in North America as one of the leading providers in the area through InnovaCare. They are proud to announce that Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer is bringing innovative health care strategies that will save their beneficiaries time and provide well need health care coverage. They have over 360,000 beneficiaries associated with their network and continue to expand to a global network. InnovaCare Health understands that the health care industry is a very complex industry and they provide the resources that will keep you active and healthy. Discover the benefits of InnovaCare today.

InnovaCare provides a Medicare Advantage Plan that is alongside the benefits of the original Medicare plan. However, customers are responsible for paying their own monthly premium, but the federal government does pick up a percentage of the cost. Their overall goal is to keep costs low and ensure that you get the benefits that you need when you need them. They are proud to be a health care provider that puts the needs of their beneficiaries first. They listen to feedback and provide the services that work best for their client based needs. However, they believe in building a strong team on Bloomberg that contributes highly to their success.

You have the option for a part A & B coverage selection that provides the services that you receive through Medicare. Your prescription drug costs can be more expensive and are covered under the Part D coverage portion of your Medicare. Penelope Kokkinides, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare says, they will continue to keep their Part D coverage affordable so their beneficiaries won’t have to struggle to pay for their prescriptions. Innovative health care and strategies that will allow them to bring you comprehensive coverage is their mission for the growth of the managed health care services.

InnovaCare would like to invite you to become a part of the Medicare Advantage Plan Program by contacting one of their representatives by phone or through their secure website for a free consultation. They will sit down with you and develop a medical plan that works towards the specific coverage that individuals need. IT is very important that you be covered when you have a medical emergency or need treatment and InnovaCare ensures that they will never let you down with the services that they provide under their Medicare Advantage Plan service options programs.

Geoff Cone–In a Position of Trust

New Zealand has been considered a tax haven by some, but international trust and tax planning attorney Geoffrey Cone says that it is not. He makes a number of points to show that New Zealand is actually a model of tax transparency.

First, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development lists countries considered tax havens, and New Zealand is not on the list. Cone describes tax havens as countries that impose minimal taxes and that lack transparency in international banking. New Zealand does not inhibit the exchange of information with other countries. In 2002, the OECD issued the Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters which is the standard for transparency and which New Zealand has implemented.

New Zealand is open in the way it handles foreign trusts. A New Zealand trustee of a foreign trust is required to submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure form for tax purposes. This form includes assets and liabilities, distributions, funds the trustee receives and spends and the accounting system and chart of accounts. In New Zealand, most foreign trusts are used for asset and succession issues and not for tax planning. Trustees know that foreign trusts are safe in New Zealand because it is a prosperous country with a well-regulated business infrastructure.

New Zealand’s transparency is shown by its 39 double tax agreements; a double tax agreement is made between two countries to prevent citizens from having to pay tax to both countries. New Zealand has also made over 20 agreements to exchange tax information with other countries. All of these accords promote the free exchange of tax information. Cone points out that, in addition, New Zealand has signed on to the multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. This would certainly be counter-productive for a country that was a tax haven.

Geoff Cone is a New Zealand attorney who graduated from the University of Otago with honors. He also earned a post-graduate diploma in tax and trust law and began his practice in Auckland in 1980 in trust law. Cone then moved to Christchurch, where he joined a major law firm and practiced commercial litigation as well as acting in a tax and trust advisory capacity. There he was made Chairman of Partners and also appeared in the highest courts in the country.

After a stint in the British West Indies, Cone returned to New Zealand and started his own law firm, Cone Marshall Limited, in 1999. His experience stood him in good stead since it’s the only New Zealand firm to specialize in international trust and tax planning. Geoff Cone can be found on LinkedIn and at

Change the way you feel about your hair forever

Have you tried absolutely everything for your hair, and nothing seems to help it cooperate with what you want it to do? If you are much like myself, or my daughter I know the way you feel first hand. There is an amazing new hair care line that has changed hair as we know it! It’s called Wen hair, and it’s going to make you love your hair even more than what you already do. The best part about it, is you won’t believe what’s in it!
The creator of WEN is Chaz Dean. Believe it or not, Chaz started his hair care line after furthering his career in photography. As his interest in photography grew, so did his passion for Cosmetology. After finding where his heart, and soul truly were he started his own salon. Before you knew it, he created this amazing hair care line. Obviously boosting confidence all over the world. Nothing makes a woman, or a man feel better than the way your hair feels!

There is an article on that you much check out! It’s called “I used cleansing, cleansing on my fine hair and here is what happened”. The article is written by Emily McClure. She talks about how Chaz Dean’s hair care line “WEN” changed her hair forever within a week’s time! It’s something that you don’t want to miss out on! Wen hair care products are sold on eBay and Guthy-Renker.

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A Portrait of a True Homework Pioneer

With the progression of technology into the information age that has defined the innovation of the 21st century, teachers are looking for new and creative ways to incorporate this novel technology in the classroom to enhance the learning of their students.

Solvy, founded by Alexei Beltyukov, is an online educational tool designed to help students learn math. With this online tool, students can view their various homework assignments and complete problems on the computer. Alexei Beltyukov’s tool also gives students help and assistance in various ways when required.

It even includes a graphing tool to translate numbers onto the coordinate plane. On the teacher’s end, this tool can help save teachers time by grading the students’ homework assignments for them. Furthermore, it will also highlight students that need further assistance and tutoring. Without a doubt, the Solvy software represents the latest in educational innovation.

Born in Russia, Alexei Beltyukov is an entrepreneur engaged in a wide variety of charity organizations. Always looking to lend a helping hand, in 2013 he started up Endemic Capital. This organization gathers resources to aid other young entrepreneurs looking to start their own company.

These young businessmen receive more than just capital. They also benefit from years of experience and wisdom provided by Beltyukov. He also provides funds for people to earn a business degree.

 Alexei Beltyukov has also founded A-Ventures Ltd. This company provides funds to a wide variety of programs having trouble staying afloat.

He also started a scholarship foundation called the Russian Alumni Scholarship. This program provides the finances necessary for young students to attend INSEAD University. This represents a shining example for all that education should be a priority of many.

Finally, Alexei Beltyukov is active in the Russian government. He uses the Skolkovo Foundation to push the government for positive economic policies that will encourage growth in the country.

He fights for funds from the government to encourage technology start-ups that will improve the standard of living in Russia. Beltyukov represents a pioneer in both the business and technology space who uses his wealth to pull other people up and educate the citizens on the business and technology industries.

Even Toned Skin – Skin Lightening Cream by Makari

Every woman has that single friend with an amazingly even skin tone. We all silently envy her, but how did she do it? No body is born with perfect skin, are they? In truth, very few people are that lucky, so what is the secret?Developing perfect skin involves creating your own skin care regimen, and taking the initiative to correct the spots that bother us. For many women, the answer is Makari skin care products.

What Does the Perfect Skin Care Regimen Include?

The perfect skin care regimen can be quite hectic until you get the hang of it. It involves making a lot of changes in your life. Some of these changes are easy, others can involve breaking habits you have had for years. Here are the some of the most important things you can do to make your skin healthier and flawless.

Using the Right Cleanser for Your Skin Type

Everyone’s skin is different. This means that what works for Sally, may not work for you. By trying different cleansers made for your skin type, you are sure to find the perfect one for you.

Water is Your Friend

It is unbelievably tempting to grab that energy boosting cup of coffee. Unfortunately, it does not like your skin as much as you enjoy that caffeine buzz. Hydrated skin looks healthier, more vibrant and clearer than under hydrated skin. Grabbing a bottle of water will give you much better results.

Get Plenty of Omegas

Studies have shown that women who take in the recommended amount of Omega-3 have healthier, more radiant skin than women who are lacking this essential nutrient. The truth is, the better your overall vitamin intake is, the better your skin will look. Remember, beauty truly does start on the inside and work its way out.

Skin Lightening

This topic has been debated for many years. This debate is split down the middle between people who say you should be proud of who you are, and those who say that you should be able to take control of your own appearance.

Makari Caviar Cream is proof that you can be proud of who you are and still lighten your skin. This product was created to help lighten dark spots and even your skin tone, without betraying your heritage. Feel beautiful from the inside out with all of Makari’s skin care products.

Is Soros Correct On Biotech?

George Soros has made billions betting against certain markets. He first burst onto the worldwide investment scene in the early 1990s when he predicted the fall of the British Pound. It is reported that he profited nearly $1 billion on that one trade. He has made other trades that predicted losses since then. He was one of the people that shorted the housing marketing before the subprime collapse in 2008. He also recently bet against Asian markets and the Euro by putting a lot of holdings in those two stocks into gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Soros has made a long career out of predicting negative things for certain markets. He has done it again with the Biotech market. Soros sold the NASDAQ Biotech Index Fund and two of the biggest pharmaceutical industries on the market recently. Those two companies are Gilead Science, the company mostly known for producing medication to fight and treat Hepatitis C, and Novavax, a company that produces many widely used vaccines. There is some debate as to whether this latest trade is something that the everyday investor should follow suit on.

His aforementioned track record is hard to argue. Clients and investors have benefited fiscally from listening to the advice of Soros in the past. Some say that this is a different situation. The market is suffering recently as a result of the backlash against pharmaceutical drugs and their skyrocketing prices. George Soros thinks that this trend is going to continue. Others think that the progress of this movement is contingent on the current presidential election.

Read more: This Is Europe’s Last Chance to Fix Its Refugee Policy

Many experts say that if Hillary Clinton is elected this market will she a sharp bounceback resulting in many gains for those that bought in at the right time. This will be in response to the reform that Clinton says that she is going to bring to the industry when it comes to pricing. This is the main reason that some expert investors are choosing not to repeat the actions of Mr. Soros when it comes to the Biotech industry.

It is a tough decision overall. George Soros does have a strong track record of decades of proven success and gains for the investors in his fund. No one is right 100% of the time, though. Even the most genius investors make mistakes from time to time. There are some things to consider when it comes to the biotech market, though. This trade is not so cut and dry.

The trade is drawing some added attention due to the fact that Soros has been very quiet when it comes to trades. He has been pretty much retired over the last year letting other employees manage his firm. He has been focus on helping to raise money for the political campaigns of various democratic political candidates.

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Makari de Suisse Products and their Beneifits

Makari De Suisse understands that self-confidence stems from feeling and looking good. It understands just how important getting that perfect skin tone is to you and is devoted to making this happen.

Makari De Suisse produces high quality products by utilizing the best ingredients nature has to offer specifically natural plant extracts from the earthand properties from the sea. The list of ingredients to Makari De Suisse products include algae, aloe vera, caviar, citric acid, lemon, salicylic acid, malic acid, mulberry sea weed and vitamin c all known to have skin healing and clearing properties.

With over 60 different products, Makari De Suisse has products for all skin types catering for both men and women as well as children making it a one stop shop for the whole family. The Company manufactures its products in Switzerland which is highly regarded for its devotion to quality. It utilizes the latest scientific formulas all the while ensuring the products are absolutely safe. As a rule, harmful substances such as bleach, chemicals and hydroquinone are absolutely excluded.

The great news is that the products are mad eespecially for black skin. This is definitely a plus as most products are created with Caucasian skin in mind resulting in certain dark skin needs being neglected. In 1995, American businessman Jack Aini, noted this disparity and partnered with a Belgium chemist Maurice Bertand and launched the Makari De Suisse line of products in Paris.

As Makari De Suisse products take into account the unique nature of black skin in the design and manufacturing stage, the result is a skin whitening cream that achieves the promised radiant and flawless look.

Always the innovator, the company partnered with Kimora Lee-Simmons and expanded its products to include a new line called Shinto Clinicals. The products are designed to provide anti-aging benefits and come personally recommended by the model turned mogul beauty herself. The creation of the products combines Asian ingredients with western bioactive technology to give the ultimate anti-aging solution

Always dedicated to excellence, Makari De Suisse products are also attractively packaged and exude class.

Investors Like Stephen Murray Are The Exceptions In The Hedge Fund Industry

Hedge fund managers are a rare breed. They all have one thing in common. They like to make money. They have the unique ability to focus on assets that can make money in a reasonable amount of time. In order to do that, the top hedge fund managers have an understanding of the banking industry, economics, and the health of the global market. Hedge fund managers are having a tough time these days. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

The uneasiness in the global market is creating losses that none of them saw coming. The oil price crisis, the migration issue, war in the Middle East, recessions in Asia and South America, and the possible demise of the European Union have played an important role in the losses that many hedge funds experienced in 2015.

Many hedge funds have decided to close in 2016, but CCMP Capital is not one of those funds. CCMP Capital has been around since it spun-off from JP Morgan Chase in 2006. Stephen Murray, the personable investment executive that worked his way through the ranks of Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co, became the leader of CCMP Capital.

Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co merged with JP Morgan in 2000, and Murray found himself managing a huge portfolio with that new company. When the decision was made to create CCMP Capital, Murray was the man picked to run the company.

Stephen was a New Yorker’s New Yorker. He grew up in Westchester County, New York. He decided to leave New York to study at Boston College, and he received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

But Stephen returned to New York and enrolled at Columbia University. Murray earned a Masters of Business Administration there. Stephen Murray was anxious to be part of the New York’s investment industry. He started his Wall Street career in 1984 as a trainee for Manufacturers Hanover Trust.

Murray had the brains and the fortitude to move through the ranks and become a Vice-President. When the JP Morgan merger was complete, Murray was named an Executive Vice-President, and he was in charge of investing millions for the wealthy partners of the firm.

Murray was responsible for the success of CCMP Capital, and he held the company together when the 2008 market crash hit Wall Street like a freight train that was out of control. Murray was a leader that cared about his employees and his investors. His amazing career was cut short in 2015 when he passed away at the age of 52.