Choosing the Right Reputation Management Company is Vital

There are businesses that thrive because the right reputation management company is in place. There are others that do the opposite because the leaders have not considered any type of reputation management at all. That can be a fatal mistake that leaders fail to realize until it is too late.

It is important to choose a reliable personal reputation management company. This can be the one thing that spells doom or success for any organization. A company that has any type of bad articles that are posted online may seriously benefit from getting a company like Better Reputation Management to push those bad articles into the background.

What these consultants are doing is tweaking the search engine optimization of search engines. Some companies are beyond the basics of being attacked. They are actually experiencing a plethora of attacks from other organizations. That is why it is so important to have the help of companies that are going to get in and work on rearranging the popular search results that are coming in up search engines.

There are times when it will be vital to also have a company that has engine monitoring tools. This is a good concept that focuses highly on keywords that are associated with certain content. These keywords are flagged as articles that need attention by consultants at Better Reputation. This is a company that handles things for a lot of clients.

There are a lot of new companies that are rising up in this industry. Company leaders that are planning to pick an organization must do what it takes to pick the one that works best for the problems that are occurring. In order to do this a company leader must consider the type of goals that that they have. There must be a decision on the time frame that this organization will be utilized.

Better Reputation has managed to become the type of preventive maintenance company that uses an array of techniques to improve the chances to getting rid of bad content. Social media is used and third party website monitoring tools are also in place.


Technology And Innovation Are Key For Duda Melzer


The use of technology and innovation are not always the terms most of us would think of when we discuss the appointment of members of a single family to key positions within a major company. However, the newly appointed President of Brazil’s RBS Group is changing the way we think of planned promotions after Duda Melzer took over the role of President of the South American media giant from his uncle. Melzer has taken a different career path to many who can step into a family owned business and sought to explore life in other areas of the world before returning to the RBS Group after a successful career in the U.S.

Duda Melzer has spent the last two years working in various areas of the RBS Group in a bid to learn as much as possible about the company his grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky established in 1957. Melzer had been earmarked to take control of the RBS Group two years ago and set out to work in various departments to make sure he understood as mkuch as possible about this company that operates TV and radio stations, and various news outlets. Maintaining the journalistic integrity RBS has developed over its history is one of the main areas Duda Melzer has sought to maintain in his short leadership of the company.

By leaving his native Brazil, Duda Melzer sought to discover different business practices and non traditional media practices with a period spent working and studying in the U.S. Not only did Melzer graduate from the University of Harvard with an MBA, he also developed a strong career in alternative media options he has taken back to Brazil and the RBS Group.

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White Shark Media Is Positive About All Situations

White Shark Media is an online marketing company with extensive knowledge and experience dealing with advertising and search engines as well as Ad Words. White Shark has undergone a lot of changes since first launching, evolving based on the feedback of customers to improve on their systems.

Regardless of what kind, White Shark Media is happy to receive all feedback from their clients about their services.

Early clients at White Shark had expressed the overall difficulty in communication and White Shark Media decided to act on this feedback by giving every client a direct connection to ensure quality communication, as it is a critical part of all company’s regardless of size.

White Shark Media took the step to ensure communication was easy. The company also schedules meetings online as well as status calls on a monthly basis for customers to ask their questions and get involved.

White Shark Media, like any business should be, is completely aware that complaints and feedback are important for assisting the direction and growth of a company, including themselves. When just starting out, mistakes are unavoidable, but they can be reviewed upon and correct in the future to improve the business efficiency.

The majority is always considered first, because complaints always manage to surface no matter how well things are handled for any given situation. Most clients of White Shark have expressed their appreciation for the way the company does business for complete customer satisfaction.  Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

White Shark has an excellent team of dedicated individuals that have the knowledge and experience working with customers from all over with all different kinds of situations. Every customer is handled fairly and White Shark’s staff works with each client to help them understand their business and what it needs.

A White Shark professional personally works with each customer and follows through to the end, to keep things running smooth. Any questions and feedback are always welcome at White Shark, whether good or bad.

White Shark Media Complaints has stuck to the main focus on services, despite a common suggestion for search engine optimization (SEO) services to be included.

They are solely dedicated to providing the very best services in marketing and promotions for businesses. White Shark Media has stated that they plan to keep improving their services for as long as they continue to receive feedback from their customers.

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Fabletics: What To Expect This Summer

You might have seen some of Fabletics many advertisements featuring the beautiful Kate Hudson, who is in fact, the co-creator and spokeswoman for the ever popular company. This brand is known for its fun and vibrant athleisure clothing, which is athletic wear. The rise of athleisure began a couple of years ago when women started wearing athletic clothing outside of their exercise activities and then it became a lifestyle trend. Recently, Marie Claire talked to Kate so she could share some big news about new additions to the Fabletics collection this summer. Read the full interview at

Kate Hudson is more than excited to announce some fun collections to Fabletics for the summer season at The first is a line of athleisure dresses, which are fun and flirty and super versatile. You could wear these to a tennis match or even to a wedding. Whatever the even, they just work. What’s great about the dresses is that they are made of a material that includes Spanx-like support so you won’t need to purchase any special hosiery for the event. They are super comfortable and current trends- you will fall in love, for sure! The other line being added to Fabletics is a line of bold and vibrant swimsuits. These swimsuits give you support in all the right areas while being stylish and comfortable all at the same time. They will be your go-to this summer!

Fabletics is such a great company to order from. You can order outfits at your own leisure or you can subscribe to receive monthly outfits delivered to your door. What’s great about this brand is the reasonable price. You get an entire outfit at a fraction of the cost of competitors like Nike. It’s a great way to gradually grow your athleisure collection. You will certainly fall in love with the exclusive styles that Fabletics has to offer. And now that they’ve added even more enticing options, it’s a no brainer when it comes to subscribing! 


Prisons and jails are sometimes very rigid. They have barred us from our loved ones. No matter what criminal offense the convicts committed to put them behind bars. They are still active members of our society. Fathers, mothers, siblings and all other family members we still want to maintain our relationships with them. I think Securus Technology is the answer.

Securus Video Visit mobile application gives us another convenient way to communicate with friends and family in jails and prisons. It allows us as a nation to share good moments like birthdays, weddings, football practices, Christmas, and a parent can narrate a bedtime story for his or her kid from behind bars. The Securus Video Visit mobile application is compatible with the Apple and Android Ios. The video visit app allows convicts to share limitlessly with us the special occasions in life.

You can find and download the Securus Video Visit Application on the Application Store and Google Play. After downloading and installing you will learn to use it efficiently. Its convenience comes from the different accessories it has. PR Newswire posted a tutorial, you can sync your visitation details to the calendar, get notified about future visits and it can test cellphone connections like Wi-Fi for clear and better videos.

We may decide to use our Securus America Technology to schedule the initial through the glass visit or visit by video from the comfort of our homes. After downloading and installing the application, connect your mobile phone to the net and open an account with the Securus online site. You will be competent to make calls immediately after purchasing airtime. Find the calling rates on their official website.
Welcome to Securus Technology and enjoy video visitation.

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Duda Melzer Is Brazil’s Leading Media Man

Running one of Brazil’s largest media companies isn’t easy, but Duda Melzer does it with confidence, talent, and charm. Melzer is the grandson of RBS Group’s founder, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, and the nephew of the former Executive Chairman of the RBS Group, Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky. Melzer didn’t replace his uncle as Executive Chairman of RBS in January 2016, because he was part of the family. Melzer earned that position. Melzer has an impressive media background that includes being the Chief Executive Officer of Box Top Media in New York. Melzer also has an extensive background in franchising, consulting and business management.

Duda earned his MBA from Harvard University. Melzer stayed in the United States after earning his MBA to learn how the media business in the U.S. operates. Melzer grew up around newspaper men and women, and he also watched the Brazilian TV and radio business grow into the mega-business it is today. That background helped Duda while he worked in the States, but he always knew he would return to Brazil and work for the family business.

In 2004, Duda joined the RBS Group as the director of national marketing. While he was in that position, the RBS Group expanded its reach throughout the country. The RBS Group always had a strong following in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, but Duda wanted the company to have a national media presence. When Melzer took over from his uncle in 2012 the RBS Group owned 18 TV stations, 24 radio stations, and 8 newspapers. The company now employs the second largest number of journalists in the country and is considered the major face of news reporting in the country.

In the 11 years that Duda has been involved with RBS, the company has become a force to reckon with in Brazil’s media business. Melzer also made sure that RBS got involved in the online news reporting business as well. The Group owns e. Brick a Sao Paulo digital technology company based in Sao Paulo. The RBS Group continues to grow under Duda’s leadership.

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James Dondero Is A Bond Expert

Everyone in the world who wants to make sure that they make the most money should lean on an expert like James Dondero. He is the leader at Highland Capital Management, and he is one of the most giving people in the Dallas area. He is giving a lot of his own money away to make sure that people have better lives, and he is making stable investments for his clients. The stability he is looking for is found in bonds he is now purchasing in Argentina.

The Argentine bonds are helpful because they will mature in a few years from an economy that is very strong. The Argentine government will use the bonds to raise cash for things they need to do, and then they will have enough profits to mature all the bonds and pay them back. James Dondero will make a tidy profit from the bonds, and that benefits every client he has. Diversifying in this way is very good for his clients, and it also helps him give money away to good causes in Dallas.

The bonds that people purchase around the world have to be watched very carefully, and it is important that all of them research the bonds they buy. There are some bonds that will not do very well because the countries issuing them do not have good economies, but Argentina has a really good economy that will help the bonds mature without a problem. The bonds are a very simple way for anyone to invest, but it is much better for a company like Highland Capital Management to buy the bonds for the client.

The beauty of the investments of James Dondero is that they provide all the profits that he needs, and he is someone who makes enough money to help others. He gives that money away every year to help people in the Dallas area, and he makes very good investments that help his company remain strong. He wants to be more of a civic leader in the future, and he believes that he can do that as his company grows.

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Announcement for the 2016 Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship

Keith Mann and his wife Keely has announced the 2016 Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement for students in Brooklyn New York.

Keith and Keely Mann has partnered with Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn to help “graduating seniors attending Uncommon Charter High School” with their college education by providing the student with $5,000 scholarship.

Joe Frick, college counselor at Uncommon Charter High School, said “We are grateful to Keith and Keely Mann for implementing this generous scholarship program at our school… This scholarship will help ensure that one of our students has the means to attend a four-year college.”

In order to receive the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship, students must submit a 1,000-word essay on how they think obtaining a college degree will contribute to their professional goals.

Keith Mann is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Dynamics Search Partners, a “premier executive search firm dedicated exclusively to alternative investment firms.” With over 200 clients across the globe, Mann and Dynamics Search Partners have helped hundreds of companies with smart business solutions that helped move companies in the right direction.

In 2015, Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners have helped with the opening of Uncommon Charter High School by raising over $22,000 in a fundraising event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. He and his wife Keely established the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship program, and they continue their philanthropic work by helping students in New York pursue their dreams and goals through education.


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Eric Pulier: Beyond All Expectations

From his earliest days writing for The Harvard Crimson to his current perch high atop the Olympus of the high tech world, Eric Pulier has shown an awareness of expectations. And he’s consistently left them far behind.

Ordinary expectations don’t apply to Eric Pulier.

Traces of his ingrained need to over-deliver and outdistance appear very early. I stumbled upon one of his columns printed in a 1988 issue of The Crimson:

The title? “The Stigma of a Harvard Degree.” Leave it to Eric to even consider the potential downside of a degree from one of the world’s most prestigious schools. One isn’t expected to ponder any possible drawbacks to the big red H on that diploma. Eric goes beyond those expectations.

In that humorous-but-serious opinion piece, Eric cites the career-limiting expectations placed upon the Harvard man (or woman). Perhaps some of those graduates would be happier as butchers, policemen, bus drivers. Once they graduate, they’ll never have a chance to find out. There’s a burden that comes with membership in the club.

True, certain things are expected of the Harvard grad. It’s surprising alumni don’t all end up investment bankers or lawyers. Some escape those expectations — like Eric did — by becoming luminaries in technologies not even envisioned back when he shuddered to think of the price he’d pay for attending Harvard. Things like streaming video, virtual desktops, service-oriented-architecture, and any of the other technologies behind the more than twenty companies he has started in his young career, raising billions of dollars in capital in the process.

He’s even carved out a niche as an inspirational speaker. Nothing could make more sense, really. Inspirational people inspire. His message: consistently go beyond expectations. Expectations of others. Your own expectations of yourself. Go beyond.

The young Eric needn’t have worried about any strictures associated with his Harvard education. Individuals like Eric Pulier are never satisfied with anyone else’s notions of success. They go beyond.

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DIVERSANT is Different

The firm only offers top-notch products and services that meet the needs of all customers. The firm believes in coming up with transformative ides that enable it to utilize a largely consultative approach while engaging customers as business partners. This allows DIVERSANT to solve critical issues quickly and as soon as they arise instead of only acting as a commodity supplier.

DIVERSANT believes that diversity is important because it leads to bigger opportunities for its partners, consultants and clients. It allows the firm to remain innovative and relevant in the dynamic world of staffing. The company operates under a strict set of principles that guide all activities at the firm. It is these principles that have allowed the firm to reach high levels of service delivery and client satisfaction.

By stressing on diversity, DIVERSANT is able to succeed in all its operations. The team driven approach stressed upon by the firm allows it to continuously provide solutions that leverage the experience and expertise of the company. This leads to effective outcomes. Other core values of the firm include respect for others, upholding ethical behavior, discipline and professional development.

IT consultants often chose DIVERSANT because the firm helps them in ways that other staffing firms do not. With its vast client base coupled with excellent candidate matching, the firm is able to put the focus on IT professionals.

John Goullet is a successful entrepreneur and the current Principal of DIVERSANT. John has been instrumental in the development of several successful IT-related ventures. In 1994, Goullet concentrated on IT staffing solutions and went on to establish Info Technologies. In 2010, Info Technologies successfully merged with DIVERSANT Inc. The resulting company was known as DIVERSANT LLC. As the firm’s principal, John is empowered to continue developing innovative ways of solving challenges that face the IT marketplace.

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